• Corporate Governance
As a result of our detailed analyses implied to our customers; we provide corporate managements to reach the future by leaving today’s standards.
  • Strategic Planning
In our Strategic Planning services, we are preparing our customers’ business road maps for the future. Companies are achieving a successful growth rate by our strategic planning services made for at least five years. Our service covers corporate goals and priorities and it helps every single employee to aim for the same target.
  • Development Agencies and European Union Based Incentives
We guide our customers to benefit from local incentives provided by TUBİTAK, TEYDEB and regional development agencies as well as international incentives like European Union 7th Framework Programme. By our guidance, we help our customers to finance their projects and to use effectively their equity capital.
  • Consulting on R&D Centers
In addition to our services in our customers’ offices, we also visit their production facilities in order to provide the most accurate guidance regarding R&D activities and company structure. Murathanoğlu Management Consulting is offering its customers the chance to benefit from R&D related incentives and to acquire R&D Center Certificate.
  • Clustering
Clustering is globally considered as the most important aspect of regional development. Murathanoğlu Management Consulting supports cooperation before competition. By clustering, we are encouraging our customers to interact and work together with other members of their business sector. This business model enables regional development and by networking with foreign clusters; our customers can also be present in the international economy.